WOW! Experiences is the result of a unique collaboration between Travel Experts and World Of Wellness, the leading inovators of two fields merging their knowledge and expertise together in order to bring you mind blowing experiences out of the ordinary. 

World Of Wellness
 have been in the forefront of lifestyle events since almost 10 years to date. We have tailored numerous of events, feel good travels, lifestyle retreats and training camps all over the world in exiting places like Bangkok, Miami, New York and Paris as well as the Scandinavian countries. During your trip to Paris we will make sure that you will get a world class experiences from arrival to departure.

Travel Experts has been selling and organizing travels all around the world for over 20 years and are both affiliated with IATA and the Chamber of Commerce in Sweden and we follow all EU guidelines when it comes to international tour operating. We usually say that customer care is in our DNA and that everyone, no matter who you are and where you choose to travel, are entitled to world class customer service.

With our combined expertise we promise you that you will get an experience out of the ordinary.
Travel Experts serves as the technical organizer for all our singles trips and are the ones that make sure that everything around your traveling will be totally hassle free. Travel Experts will process all bookings and payments and we are just a phone call (or email) away for all your concerns.
-World Of Wellness is the program organizer for all our singles trips. We make sure that program and activities are top class and our award winning hosts will take care of you 24/7 during your stay. 



Want more information about our amazing events? Just fill in the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We usually answer by mail, but if you want to we will gladly pick up the phone and call you the old fashioned way!
If your browser doesn’t support the contact form, please contact me anytime: jonas.hedqvist@wowexperiences.org